New Testament Apostolic Holiness Church
                                                    About our Church

New Testament Apostolic Holiness Church was est. in November 1972 in Orange, Texas.
As the church grew we moved several different locations, The last move was made in Dec. 1985
in Longville, La. Where we are now located presently. The founder of the church was Pastor
Leon Anderson, Brother Anderson pastored the church from 1972 until the day he went home
to live with the Lord on March 1, 2013, He is greatly missed but the Lord did not leave us
without a leader, His wife Sister Louella Anderson was co pastor for many years before he
died. After Brother Anderson's death she was voted in as Pastor.
The church is still going on strong and we pray that if you are looking for a home church or to
visit , we extend our love and invited to come and worship with us.
Everyone is welcome, we are just one big happy family of God trying to live according to the
Word of God.

If you need to contact us please feel free to contact us throught our website.

                                                                             Your Sister in Christ
                                                                    Sister Louella Anderson  / Pastor